We are always looking for talented technicians.

If you are tired of the high stress ‘slave worker’ environments that damage your health and mental wellbeing come talk to us.

We operate a different kind of nail salon… modeled after high end salons found in some of the most competitive cities in the United States… where the customer AND the technician are valued.

No more of the ‘you can’t talk to customers… work faster… work harder…’ abuse you’ve been putting up with.

At the Blue Dragon Spa we do everything we can to keep your exposure to chemicals as low as possible … using only the highest quality products instead of trying to cut corners by buying inferior materials that can expose you and your customers to dangerous chemicals and fumes.

All of our equipment is new and top of the line.. with a focus on protecting your backs and bodies.

We have kept all of the people who work for us 1099 persons – on purpose. Because 1099 status is better for the techs from a money point of view. It is as simple as that.

And … yes … you will make as much or more money by working differently at the Blue Dragon Spa.

So … if you are ready for an upgrade … give us a call at 720.680.0492.